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If you have any problems with the site please read the questions and answers below, but if these don't match your query please don't hesitate to Contact Us:

  • How do I navigate the website?
  • How do I use the search features?
  • Can I use keyboard shortcuts?
  • Is the website accessible?
  • Where do I report a technical fault or pages that don't work?

How do I navigate the website?
We've designed the homepage and the navigation to make the website easy to use.

The main navigation - the pale blue strip beneath the words "Transport Scotland" near the top of the page - takes you straight to the main content of the website: Road, Rail, Water, Air, Public Transport , Analysis, Strategy, News, About Us.

In each of the sections you will find the specific navigation for that whole area on the left hand-side. Simply click on any of the titles to access full details. The area and page you are in will always be highlighted in red in the navigation.

In addition, each of the pages feature secondary navigation - at the very top and bottom of each page - which provides direct links to supporting information: Contact Us, Site Map, Glossary, Careers, Help, Freedom of Information, Links, Accessibility, Terms & Conditions, Subscribe to Newsletter, and Crown Copyright.

Finally, you can also see where you are by using the "bread-crumb trail" - this the small text above the page heading showing your path from the homepage. Simply click on a link in the breadcrumb to return to previous pages.

How do I use the search features?
There are a number of ways to search the website for specific information. The first is to use the Site Map which can be found in the secondary navigation at the top of the page. This page provides an overview of all the different sections of the website. Simply find the page title that interests you and click on the link to be taken through.

The next way to search the website is to use the "Search" feature - this can be found at the top right of every page. Simply enter in the word or phrase you want to find then press the "Go" button. You will then be presented with a summary of all the available information. Once again, find the page that interests you and click on the link to be taken through to more information.

In the event that you don't get any results try searching again, but try alternative spellings, or related topics e.g. for Forth Road Bridge, try "Queensferry" or "Fife".

There are a number of advanced searches in the website to help find specific projects. These can be found in both the Road and Rail sections on the right hand-side of your page. You can either link straight to a project by selecting it from a drop down list or click on the "search all projects" link found directly beneath the drop down list.

The "search all" feature allows you to search by location, size, status and keyword. You don't have to use all of the criteria to make it work.

Can I use keyboard shortcuts?
The following keyboard short cuts are availiable from each page on this web site when used in combination with the ALT key:

0 - Home
1 - Road
2 - Rail
3 - Water
4 - Air
5 - Public transport
6 - Analysis
7 - Strategy
8 - News
9 - About us

A - Accessibility
C - Contact Us
F - Freedom of Information
G - Glossary
H - Help
J - Careers
L - Links
M - Site Map
T - Terms and Conditions
S - Subscribe to Newsletter
V - Mobile Version

Is the website accessible?
Transport Scotland is committed to producing websites and web resources that can be accessed by all users. Full details can be found on our Accessibility page.

Where do I report a technical fault?
The website is designed and tested to work on the vast majority of browsers on both Mac and PC. However, if you have any problems accessing the content please visit Contact Us.