On time and on budget M80 putting real fizz into Scotland’s economy

9 September 2011
The newly opened £320m M80 Stepps to Haggs project is already making a real difference

The newly opened £320m M80 Stepps to Haggs project is already making a real difference to the company behind Scotland’s other national drink.

Transport Minister hears from Chief
Executive Roger White of the benefits
from the new road
Transport Minister Keith Brown today visited the Barrs factory in Cumbernauld to hear how the company has already seen a 15 minute reduction in their vehicles journeys into Glasgow since the road was completed a few weeks ago.

The company, which is based near the newly upgraded route sends around 500 vehicles a week across the country to deliver its popular range of soft drinks.

The now completed M80 between Glasgow and Stirling forms an essential part of Scotland’s trunk road network and is one of the most heavily used. The upgrade to motorway status has improved the link between north and central Scotland and the wider motorway network, bringing real benefits for businesses. 

Mr Brown said:

“Completing the motorway network between Glasgow and Stirling is bringing real benefits to the communities and businesses across the central belt and to the rest of Scotland with its links to the M74 and the wider road network.

“The new road is also reducing congestion, improving reliability and providing a healthier environment by reducing vehicle emissions.

“The fact that Barrs are already seeing 15 minute reductions in their journeys into Glasgow is tangible proof of the difference that this new road is making to this important soft drink company and is adding real fizz to their delivery times.

“Drivers are already benefitting from the opening of the M74 Completion. The completion of this important trunk road in central Scotland on time and on budget once again provides evidence of the Scottish Government’s commitment to deliver major infrastructure projects and to work with contractors to ensure best value for the public purse.”

AG Barr’s head of logistics Graeme Kay said:

“On average, around 45 of our own trucks leave the Cumbernauld facility each day to distribute to our customers around the Central Belt and Scotland, with another 40 to 50 vehicles to service our southern based customers and our distribution centre in Daventry.

“Given our location, the M80 is the main artery connecting us to our customers. For us, the key benefit now that the road is fully open is that we will are able to offer much more robust guarantees in terms of supply times. Already we are seeing 15 minute reductions in journey times into Glasgow for our vehicles.

“Vehicles driving at a constant speed are also much more fuel efficient, so we anticipate better fuel consumption and that we will generate less CO2.

“Now that the road is completed, we look forward to being able to offer greater service levels  to our customers due to more timely deliveries and allowing much easier access to and from the Cumbernauld facility.”

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