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Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route / Balmedie to Tipperty

The Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route/Balmedie-Tipperty (AWPR / B-T) is a major transport infrastructure project which will significantly improve travel in and around Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland.

In Preparation

The city of Aberdeen is a major driver for the Scottish economy and good transport links lie at the heart of the country’s continued and sustainable growth.

The AWPR / B-T, which is currently in procurement, is a priority for the Scottish Government and is being developed by Transport Scotland - the national transport agency - in partnership with Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Councils.

Procurement of the project is almost complete and Connect Roads, a consortium with a construction joint venture of Balfour Beatty Investments Ltd, Carillion Private Finance (Transport) Ltd and Galliford Try Investments Ltd, has been named as preferred bidder. The construction of the new 58km road is due to begin later this year with completion expected in Spring 2018.

When complete, the AWPR / B-T is expected to carry more than 43,000 vehicles each day through its busiest sections.

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The AWPR / B-T project, improvements to Haudagain Roundabout and a new Inveramsay bridge on the A96 form a core part of our commitment to improving transport in the North East, along with proposals to dual the A96 between Aberdeen and Inverness by 2030.

Road sections

The road consists of four sections:

  • Balmedie to Tipperty
    12km from Blackdog to Tipperty
  • Northern Leg
    16.1km from North Kingswells to Blackdog
  • Southern Leg
    18.7km from Charleston to North Kingswells
  • Fastlink
    11.5km from Stonehaven to Cleanhill

For the most part, the new dual carriageway will have two lanes in each direction, with the exception of the section between North Kingswells Junction and Craibstone Junction, where three lanes will operate in each direction, and the existing Trunk Road south of Charleston Junction, which will also be widened to a three lane dual carriageway for a short section between Charleston and the next junction to the south at Findon.

Construction of the AWPR / B-T route will include 12 junctions, two river crossings at the River Dee and River Don, an underbridge for crossing the Aberdeen to Inverness Railway, four major pipeline crossings and three wildlife bridges in addition to more than 100 other structures.

The *£745m investment of the AWPR / B-T is just one of a number of transport infrastructure projects in the pipeline which will significantly improve road safety and accessibility, reduce congestion and grow the local economy - ensuring the North East remains a competitive business location.

In addition to the AWPR / B-T project, a core part of Transport Scotland’s commitment to the North East include improvements to Haudagain Roundabout, a new Inveramsay Bridge on the A96 and dualling the A96 between Aberdeen and Inverness by 2030.

* Scheme estimated at 2012 prices.


Progress to date

A series of vital advance works projects have been undertaken along the route since 2006, including one of the largest environmental and ecological surveys in Scottish development history. Advance work will continue during 2014 as the project moves towards the conclusion of procurement and the start of construction.

Current activity

The Transport Minister announced a pre-start works agreement with Connect Roads in August 2014. This has enabled the preferred bidder, Connect Roads, to undertake further design work and to start works ahead of the main works contract.


The Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route/Balmedie-Tipperty underpins the Regional Transport Strategy (RTS) outlined by Nestrans, the Transport Partnership for Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire. The  project will facilitate the delivery of coinciding transport measures and will bring substantial benefits to the North East of Scotland.


The project will be delivered in partnership between Transport Scotland, Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council whilst working closely with Scottish Futures Trust who will help to deliver value for money for the taxpayer. Read more about the approach and support for the route.

Community engagement

Engagement with local communities and businesses is at the heart of Transport Scotland’s major infrastructure projects and will continue to be a vital part of the AWPR/B-T Project.

Publications and reports

Publications and reports related to the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route/Balmedie-Tipperty (AWPR/B-T) project.


Documents and Road Orders relating to the Balmedie-Tipperty section of the AWPR

Contact Us

The AWPR/B-T Managing Agent’s office is the first point of contact for enquiries. They can be reached by post, phone or email.

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