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Borders Railway

The Borders Railway will re-establish passenger railway services, for the first time since 1969, from Edinburgh through Midlothian to Tweedbank in the Scottish Borders.

Under Construction

The 30 mile railway, with seven new stations will deliver major economic and social development opportunities and offer a fast and efficient railway. Bringing inward investment for the local community plus approximately £33million of benefits for the wider Scottish economy. It will support 400 jobs during the construction phase and act as a catalyst for increased business development and housing opportunities within easy commuting distance of Edinburgh.

Following a project transfer agreement between Transport Scotland, on behalf of Scottish Ministers and Network Rail in November 2012, construction of the £294m (2012 prices) railway is expected to begin in early 2013.

For further information on the project please see the Borders Railway website.

Transport Scotland has now revealed the preferred service timetables and fares structures for the new railway.

While both are still subject to agreement of the industry, including the franchisee which will run the service when the new contract begins next year, these are the fares and timetables which will be promoted by Scottish Ministers.

Borders Railway Timetable Features

  • The services will operate on a regular clock face departure every 30 minutes from Edinburgh to Tweedbank and from Tweedbank to Edinburgh.
  • Departure times from Edinburgh are planned to be at 24 and 54 minutes past each hour. From Tweedbank they are planned to be at 28 and 58 minutes past each hour.
  • The majority of end to end journeys will be achieved in 55 minutes or less. On some occasions this has not been possible due to conflicts with other operators services in and around Edinburgh.
  • At peak times four services in the morning will continue through Edinburgh towards Fife , which will serve Haymarket , South Gyle and the proposed New station at Edinburgh Gateway where connections will be available for Edinburgh Airport with a similar arrangement in the evening for return journeys where four services from the Fife direction will continue through to Tweedbank.
  • The first service from Tweedbank is at 05:20 during the week and will connect into the 06:25 East Coast service from Edinburgh arriving at London Kings Cross at 10:51 creating a total journey time from Tweedbank to London in around five ½ hours.
  • First and last services as follows:




    From Edinburgh From Tweedbank From Edinburgh From Tweedbank From Edinburgh From Tweedbank
    First Last First Last First Last First Last First Last First Last
    0544 2354 0520 2328 0555 2355 0530 2331 0911 2311 0845 2245
  • Service frequency is hourly after 20:00 hours in the evening and on Sundays.
  • Stow has an hourly service except during peak times when it is served ½ hourly.
  • On arrival at Edinburgh the following connectional times are provided, 10 minutes being the minimum connectional time for transfer at Edinburgh:
    • Towards Glasgow services within 20 minutes.
    • Towards Dundee/Aberdeen services within 30 minutes.
    • Towards Inverness/Perth services within 10 minutes.
    • Towards Fife services within 20/25 minutes.
    • Towards North Berwick services within 15 minutes.
    • Towards Newcastle/York/London services within 20/30 minutes.

Anytime Single (consumer fares)

2014 prices Tweedbank Galashiels Stow Gorebridge Newtongrange Eskbank Shawfair Newcraighall Brunstane Waverley
Galashiels £1.80                  
Stow £3.20 £1.80                
Gorebridge £5.90 £5.30 £2.80              
Newtongrange £6.50 £6.10 £4.60 £2.00            
Eskbank £7.00 £6.50 £5.10 £2.40 £1.70          
Shawfair £7.20 £6.90 £5.70 £3.00 £2.20 £1.50        
Newcraighall £8.30 £7.90 £6.40 £3.80 £3.10 £2.60 £1.10      
Brunstane £8.80 £8.30 £6.90 £4.30 £3.50 £3.10 £2.00 £1.30    
Waverley £9.80 £9.10 £7.70 £5.20 £4.60 £4.30 £3.20 £2.40 £2.40  
Haymarket £9.80 £9.10 £7.70 £5.20 £4.60 £4.30 £3.20 £2.40 £2.40 £2.10

The proposed price of Anytime Single tickets between each of the stations on the Borders route is set out in the table below.

Approximate values for discounted end-to-end fares (Waverley to Tweedbank)

Return and season tickets can offer discounts to passengers on the route. Please note the fares below are indicative.

Fare type Typical reduction Fare anticipated
Anytime return 20% £15.70
Off-peak return One third reduction £13.10
Weekly season ticket 7 days for the price of 4 £62.80

Hardengreen timelapse

Four bridge beams were successfully installed over the weekend of 14 to 17 February as part of the construction of the new Hardengreen rail bridge. The time-lapse footage below shows the 1,200 tonne crane and the four 107 tonne beams being hoisted into place. Find out more.


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