Mobility and Access Committee Scotland (MACS)

MACS provides advice on the planning and regulating of transport facilities to ensure that they are accessible for those with a disability.

MACS believes in a Scotland where anyone with a mobility problem due to some physical, mental or sensory impairment can go when and where everyone else can and have the information and opportunity to do so.This website provides information on what MACS does in its role in advising government and contains information on the committee itself.

MACS has no staff but is supported by a Secretariat within Transport Scotland.

Aims of MACS

  • To give Scottish Ministers advice on aspects of policy affecting the travel needs of disabled people
  • To take account of the broad views and experiences of disabled people when giving advice
  • To encourage awareness amongst disabled people in Scotland of developments which affect their mobility, choices and opportunities
  • To work closely with the Scottish Government and ensure our work programme complements the work being undertaken by the Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee (DPTAC), the Scottish Office of the Disability Rights Commission and other organisations, voluntary and statutory agencies
  • To promote the travel needs of disabled people with transport planners and operators so that these are fully taken into account in the delivery of services
  • To monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our work against the above aims and objectives in improving travel opportunities for disabled people in Scotland.

Latest Information