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  • Estimate of The Impact on Emissions of a Reduction in Air Passenger Duty in Scotland

    Wed 22/Oct/2014

    This analysis fulfils the commitment made in Parliament by the Scottish Government to publish an estimate of the impact a 50% reduction in APD would have on emissions. The paper presents the results alongside the data sources and methodology used to generate the estimate.

  • Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2013

    Wed 22/Oct/2014

    This publication presents detailed statistics about the circumstances of personal injury road accidents in Scotland that were reported by the police using the Stats 19 statistical returns (described in more detail in Appendix B). Each accident is classified according to the severity of the injury to the most seriously injured person involved in the accident. These statistics are used to inform public debate and support policy on road safety (through education and engineering programs).

  • The Scottish Road Works Register (Prescribed Fees) Regulations 2015

    Fri 17/Oct/2014

    We wish to consult on the Scottish Road Works Register (Prescribed Fees) Regulations 2015. The purpose of the Regulations is to set a Fee payable by roads authorities and statutory undertakers for access to the Scottish Road Works Register. Click here participate in the consultation.



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