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Cycling Action Plan for Scotland 2013

This document is available to download in pdf format



Executive Summary

1. Introduction

2. Leadership and Partnership

2.1 National Leadership
2.2 Local Leadership and Roles for Wider Stakeholders 
2.3 Partnership

3. Infrastructure, Integration and Road Safety

3.1 Developing the Cycling Network
3.2 Cycling and the Trunk Road Network
3.3 Promoting Road Safety through Scotland'd Road Safety Framework 2020
3.4 Strict Liabilty
3.5 Planning and Design 
3.6 Development Planning 
3.7 Transport Integration

4. Promotion and Behavioural Change

5. Resourcing

5.1 Potential Sources of Funding for Cycling
5.2 Other Scottish Government Budgets that benefit Cycling
5.3 Local Authority Resourcing
5.4 Roles for the Private Sector and Communities

6. Monitoring and Reporting

6.1 Data Sources
6.2 Developing a Monitoring Framework
6.3 The wider Context for Monitoring and Evaluation


A. CAPS 2013 Actions  
B. CAPS Delivery Landscape
C. CAPS 2010 Actions and Progress
D. CAPS 2013 Respondents
E. Trunk Road Cycling Initiative
F. References
G. CAPS Monitoring Framework: Outcomes and Indicators

Publication Date: 
Wed 19/Jun/2013
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