A82 Tarbet to Crianlarich maintenance works – Q&A

What maintenance works are planned for the A82 in September 2012?

Photographs of A82 Ardvorlich Scheme
  • A82 Crianlarich patching scheme  - a total of 1320 square metres of inlay patching with high friction surfacing at the railway bridge.
  • A82 South of Pulpit Rock  - 1.1 kilometre long structural maintenance scheme comprising 60mm inlay
  • A82 Ardvorlich   - 1.5 kilometre long structural maintenance scheme comprising 60mm inlay  
  • A82 Loch Lomond patching scheme - a total of   2540   square metres of inlay patching  

Why are these works required?

  • A82 Crianlarich patching scheme several areas of failed surfacing including potholes, rutting and cracking.
  • A82 South of Pulpit Rock – worn out surfacing at the end of its life, with low skid resistance. This scheme is number 12 out of 220 identified for accident frequency
  • A82 Ardvorlich – worn out surfacing at the end of its life with low skid resistance, number 13 out of 220 identified schemes for accident frequency.
  • A82 Loch Lomond patching scheme - several areas of failed surfacing with potholes, rutting and cracking   

Why do you need to close the road?  

The carriageway width at these locations is insufficient to allow the operations to take place and still maintain the minimum required width to allow traffic to pass safely.  

What will be involved in the works?

The works will involve removing the layer of failed road surface, and laying a new road surface by machine paver, using material from Furnace Quarry. There will also be some deep patching and drainage works, the laying of high friction surfacing and reinstatement of road markings.  

How long will operations take? 

Sunday 2 September 2012 to Friday 28 September 2012 - 22:00 to 06:00hrs, a maximum of 5 nights per week (no work on Friday and Saturday nights).

Photographs of A82 South of Pulpit Rock Scheme

What have you looked at to try and minimise closures required?

Consideration has been given to various means of speeding up the works, including the use of additional quarries and resources on site. Furnace Quarry is being used to supply the site as it is the closest to the sites in question. Hauling material from further afield runs the r isk of the material being out of specification in relation to temperature by the time it arrives at site, and therefore being unfit for purpose. The nature of the operation is such that it can only be safely carried out on site util ising one paver machine. The efficiency of the works will be optim ised by using experienced and trained operatives and state of the art plant.

Why has this time been chosen?

This time has been chosen to avoid the winter time, when night time temperatures have the potential to extend the duration of works and can affect the quality and durability of the finished works. Programming has also taken into account school holidays at Easter, July and August summer holidays and October, and local events and the works have been scheduled to avoid these dates. Traffic flows are such that only 5% of traffic uses this section of road during the planned closure times, with less than 20 vehicles per hour in both directions during the early hours of the morning. 

Why is it necessary to intervene now to undertake these works? 

The carriageway is worn out and is now at the end of its life. Delay of these works will result in further rapid deterioration and frequent intervention will be required to carry out emergency repairs to potholes during daytime.

What consultation has been carried out?

Consultation letters were sent out on the   24th July 2012 to emergency services, local elected members, community councillors, MSPSs, A82 Partnership and local affected businesses.  Only 4 responses   were received  from 62 consultees, 2 of which were receipt of consultation, 1 was requesting further details on location of works, and one was from A82 Partnership.

Why can’t you wait until December or January avoiding tourist season?  

Carrying out the works at the proposed time ensures that the temperatures and weather conditions will remain reasonable. Delaying the works until December or January will push them into a time of the year when inclement weather can result in the works taking longer to complete and reducing the quality of work , resulting in less durable roads that require earlier subsequent repair and more potential disruption to road users and unnecessary cost.

How will local access to properties along the route be catered for?  

The Site Supervisor will have discretion to allow local access to properties along the route whenever it is deemed safe to do so. Emergency vehicles will have unrestricted access.  

Will there be any ‘opening windows’ provided during the course of the night to allow traffic to pass safely? When will these be?  

It is intended to provide 15 minute ‘opening windows' approximately every two hours at midnight, 2am and 4am, with traffic escorted through the works. These openings will allow road users to plan their journeys with some confidence.  On past traffic flow numbers this will cater for the few vehicles that use this route throughout the night (average less than 20 vehicles per hour total for both directions).

How often has A82 been closed previously in 2010 and 2011 as a result of maintenance works and other incidents.

The tables below show the number and duration of A82 closures, as a result of either planned maintenance works or incidents on the network.

A82 Road Closures January to December 2010

Unit Number of Nights Times
North West 54 22:00 to 06:00
Nature of Closure Number
Police incident 3
Debris 4
Weather 3
Road traffic Collision 49
Total 59
Duration of unplanned Closures – hrs
Duration hrs  
< 2 22
>2 < 4 29
>4 < 6 4
> 6 4
Total 59

A82 Road Closures January to December 2011

Unit Number of Nights Times
North West 30 22:00 to 06:00
North West 21 21:00 to 06:00
North West 17 20:00 to 05:00
North West 36 19:00 to 06:00
North West 3 Full closure (Glen Righ)
Nature of Closure Number
Police incident / Closures 17
Debris 3
Weather 15
Road traffic Collision 36
Other 3
Total 74
Duration of unplanned Closures – hrs
Duration hrs
< 2 37
>2 < 4 17
>4 < 6 8
> 6 12
Total 74

What other works can be carried out on the A82 to maximise closure opportunity?

We will be looking to carry out other works which can be carried out safely and without conflicting with the main works. Possible examples are pothole repair, grass cutting and cyclic drainage works. 

How will you communicate what is happening with the public?  

Advance communication and provision of information will be by means of a press release. Traffic Scotland will be notified and they will take a strategic view in relation to activation of Variable Message Signs and updating both relevant television and radio stations and their own web site. Scotland TranServ will utilise the social media site Twitter to alert road users of the progress of works including any early reopening of the road. 

If there is adverse weather that will affect the works, where can I find out if works have been suspended?  

If the works are suspended for any reason, Traffic Scotland will be notified and will disseminate this information through the normal media channels.  

What happens if there is a further landslide at A83, and the A82 is needed for a diversion route?  

In the event of this occurring, works on the A82 will be suspended, as was the case on 1st and 2nd August, to allow A82 to be used as an alternative route.

Is there any other preparatory work planned for the A82 Pulpit Rock scheme? how will this be coordinated?  

The A82 Pulpit Rock Ground Investigation was affected by the closure of the A83 due to a landslide these closures will be used if necessary to complete this work. Co-ordination will be carried out in the same way as was undertaken for the earlier works.

The Pulpit Rock window has been agreed as last week in September. Why are these works not following this approach?  

The Pulpit Rock Scheme requires a full closure 24 hours a day for 14 weeks (from October to December) and will not take place until 2013 at the earliest. These maintenance works in September are programmed for 22:00 – 06:00 with 15 minute ‘opening windows’ every 2 hours and as such the timing and affected traffic are different.

A82 Tarbet to Crianlarich – Traffic Statistics

Traffic volumes A82 Tarbet - 22:00-06:00

Traffic on A82 between 22:00 and 06:00 is 5% of total daily flow.

Tarbet hourly flows - Sep 2011 average