Road Asset Management Plan

Transport Scotland’s Road Asset Management Plan keeps road users informed about the Agency’s management and responsibilities on Scotland’s trunk roads.

The first Road Asset Management Plan (RAMP) was published in November 2007. Since then it has formed an integral part of our continuing Asset Management Improvement Programme.

Looking after Scotland’s Trunk Roads

Scotland ’s trunk road network has a gross asset value of £18 billion. It is used daily by thousands of people every day. It is essential that our roads are well maintained, not only for reasons of safety but also to provide the key links between our towns and cities.

The management and maintenance of the trunk road asset is our responsibility, on behalf of the Scottish Ministers. We have contracts in place with Operating Companies who ensure our trunk roads are safe, efficient and well managed.

For road users the most visible aspect of asset management is roadworks. Roadworks are necessary. They allow our Operating Companies to carry out routine maintenance and repairs to the roads. Whilst repairs are essential from time to time, we appreciate that roadworks can themselves create delays in the short-term.

Our Asset Management Improvement Programme

To balance the long-term need to keep our roads well maintained with the short-term need for roadworks, we introduced an Asset Management Improvement Programme.

Integral to the improvement programme is our drive for continual improvement in all aspects of our management practices for the trunk road network, including:

  • systematically reviewing and updating our asset management practices based on feedback from road users, our staff and our suppliers
  • benchmarking against similar infrastructure organisations to identify where our current practices can be improved
  • developing our knowledge of new materials and maintenance techniques that may be suitable for use on the trunk road network
  • critically reviewing the information we hold about our trunk roads, as well as identifying new information we should collect and information that is no longer required.

The improvement plan places Transport Scotland at the forefront of UK and international practice in road management.

Listening to you

Central to Asset Management is actively engaging with road users and other interested parties to understand their views about the level of service they expect from the trunk road network on matters such as road condition, winter maintenance, journey reliability or lighting provision.

Since 2007 we have been undertaking surveys of a representative sample of road users to identify trunk road issues that are important to them and the levels of service they expect or desire. We are undertaking more in-depth analysis of the findings, comparing and trending current and past levels of satisfaction and linking this to technical engineering measures and changes to working practice. This will enable us to manage and operate the trunk road network in a manner that is more closely aligned with road user priorities and aspirations, where considered appropriate.

Road user perceptions of the trunk road network in Scotland

2013 Report (pdf, 1.2MB)

2012 Report (pdf, 1.2MB)

2011 Report (pdf, 2MB)

2010 Report (pdf, 2MB)

2009 Report (pdf, 543KB)

2007 Report (pdf, 830KB)