Access For All

Transport Scotland is responsible for making Scotland’s trunk road network safer and accessible for all users.

RNIB crossing assistance equipment

We try to avoid features that create physical and psychological barriers to travel. We also try to ensure that the design, construction, operation and maintenance of our trunk road infrastructure creates environments which can be used by everyone regardless of age or disability.

Through the Scottish Government’s investment programme, Scotland’s road network is continually enhanced in order to improve safety and convenience for road users.

In partnership with our colleagues in the Roads For All Forum, we have focused on delivering a trunk road network accessible to all. This includes:

  • An audit of accessibility of the trunk road network and development of potential future 5,10, and 15 year programmes for the implementation of access works
  • Publication of the Good Practice Guide for Roads, identifying training needs and delivery of training programmes to Transport Scotland staff, consultants, contractors and local authorities
  • Ongoing updates to the Good Practice Guide following the implementation of pilot projects to improve accessibility including the use of contemporary technology, and the provision of improved public transport infrastructure
  • Delivering the first Roads for All national conference, held on 8 June 2010
  • An upgrade of motorway emergency telephones programmed incorporating inclusive design facilities and
  • Continuing the Roads for All Forum and the ongoing involvement of disabled people in all aspects of the action plan.

Transport Scotland launched its action plan for the trunk road network, Roads for All, in December 2006. Following on from this, our Roads for All: 3 Year Report 2007-2010 has been published giving a progress report in taking forward the Trunk Road Accessibility Action Plan. See also the Equality Act 2010.