M9 Junction 1A

The project will deliver additional improvements to M9 Junction 1a, near the village of Kirkliston.

CGI view of proposed layout at M9
junction 1a

The works, which are scheduled to start in July 2011 and be completed in December 2013 at an expected cost of between £46 and £65 million, will improve connectivity and functionality by widening the M9 at key locations, improving existing slip roads and providing new west facing connections between the M9 and M9 Spur.

The work will also include an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) that will help regulate the flow of traffic approaching the FRC and Newbridge Junction, forming part of a 22 km ITS corridor that extends from M9 Junction 1a to the M90 Halbeath Junction. Overhead signal gantries along this corridor will provide lane control, variable mandatory speed control and traffic information to drivers via variable message signs (VMS).

The existing connections between M9 Junction 1a and the M9 Spur will be enhanced to provide two lanes and a hard shoulder to assist traffic flow through the junction area. The enhanced junction will also improve connectivity with West Lothian by incorporating new west facing slip roads between the M9 and M9 Spur, which will require a new bridge across the M9 and extension of the bridge over Overton Road.

To complement these improvements, the section of the M9 north of Newbridge Roundabout will be improved with an additional lane being added in both directions from the River Almond bridge to M9 Junction 1a