Ferrytoll Junction

North of the Forth, the interaction between the local and strategic road network at Ferrytoll makes this a complex junction to design.

CGI view of proposed Ferrytoll layout

As the main route in and out of North Queensferry and also a key access route for Inverkeithing and Rosyth, maintaining good access via the B981 is of paramount importance to the community. At North Queensferry, the proposal is to realign the B981 to connect directly onto the Ferrytoll Road. This provides a more reliable, simpler and safer access for local traffic travelling to and from North Queensferry both during and after construction of the crossing.

At the same time, a dedicated northbound slip road from the Ferrytoll roundabout onto the M90 has been added to the design. Castlandhill Road will be realigned and kept separate from the junction, providing dedicated local access to Rosyth.

To promote use of public transport the existing Park and Ride site at Ferrytoll will be enhanced with a larger area for buses to circulate andstack together with separate access points for buses and cars. These accesses will be signal controlled and connect to Hope Street, which will also be improved locally.

Latest North Network Layout