South Queensferry Junction

On the south side of the Forth, new southbound and northbound slip roads to and from the Forth Road Bridge and A90 at South Queensferry have been added to the design for use by buses and public transport. This provides more direct connections onto the trunk road network for public transport, effectively extending the dedicated public transport corridor.

CGI view of proposed layout at South

The provision of new slip roads allows the connection to South Queensferry to be moved west, providing direct access to and from the A904 immediately south of the replacement crossing. The M90 will remain in cutting below the level of the A904 as indicated in the earlier design, with a new roundabout positioned at ground level connecting to the A904.

The design provides significantly improved public transport priority, convenient connections onto the trunk road network and reduced traffic using the A904 Builyeon Road. This responds to feedback from the community in South Queensferry which highlighted concerns about the visual impact of the road embankment and a desire to move the junction to another location to reduce traffic levels on Builyeon Road and provide more direct bus access. By moving the junction west, Transport Scotland is able to engineer a solution which provides a substantially lower embankment and, at the same time, a more direct access onto the trunk road network for the majority of local traffic. This will relieve some of the most populated areas of South Queensferry which currently experience a significant amount of southbound traffic travelling west from the Forth Road Bridge.

Latest South Network Layout