The new bridge

The proposed new cable-stayed bridge will have three slender single column towers and will be 2.7km long, including approach viaducts. The road carried by the bridge will be designated as a motorway.

The bridge deck will carry two general lanes of traffic in each direction and hard shoulders to ensure that breakdowns, incidents and any maintenance works do not cause the severe congestion which is currently experienced on the Forth Road Bridge (FRB). The hard shoulders also provide the flexibility to carry buses displaced from the FRB during periods of high wind and other forms of public transport should it be required in the future.

Windshielding on the new bridge will protect the crossing from the effects of wind and provide a more reliable corridor, particularly for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs).

The bridge has been designed to complement the existing road and rail crossings and is the result of a rigorous assessment by an international team of architects and engineers. The bridge has been developed in consultation with Architecture and Design Scotland, see their report.

Artists' impressions of the bridge can be downloaded from the image gallery.