The M74 Completion is expected to alleviate congestion on the M8 and local road network, reduce journey times and improve road safety.

This project complements other proposed major road and rail projects in west-central Scotland which will improve transport links providing a better service for transport users

  • the completion of the M8 from Glasgow to Edinburgh and
  • upgrade of the A80 road from Stepps to Haggs
  • East End Regeneration route.

Once complete the motorway is expected to produce immediate benefits by:

  • removing traffic from the M8, taking approximately 20,000 vehicles per day off the M8 between Baillieston and Charing Cross
  • improve journey times across and through Glasgow with 5 – 10 minutes being saved per journey in peak hours.  Examples of savings in journey times are:
Journey Current Journey Time    Time Saving
Hamilton to Glasgow Airport 30 mins 12 mins
Glasgow Airport to Euro Central (Mossend) 27 mins 6 mins
Kilmarnock to Cumbernauld 41 mins 5 mins

Savings in personal and freight travel times will generate substantial economic benefits.

The motorway will provide an alternative route across the south of Glasgow and South Lanarkshire and so will help reduce traffic on many local roads over a  wide area.

Examples of local traffic reductions:

Location Percentage Traffic Reduction (%)
Rutherglen Main Street 15%
Cathcart Road (north of Aitkenhead Road) 12%
Calder Street 12%
Dalmarnock Road  10%
London Road (east of Parkhead Cross) 10%

Traffic reduction on local roads will:

  • improve safety, reducing accidents by an estimated 525 to 700 in the 20 years after opening
  • reduce air and noise pollution of local roads and improve the ambience of local roads
  • allow a bigger share of local roads space for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport
  • help the introduction of traffic management and traffic calming schemes.

There will be increases in traffic on a limited number of local roads, primarily near to new junctions.  Where this  occurs, traffic calming and traffic management measures will be implemented, where appropriate, to mitigate any adverse impacts on adjacent roads.