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Scottish Safety Camera Programme

The Scottish Safety Camera Programme aims to reduce the number of casualties on Scotland’s roads and engender a culture of speed limit and red traffic signal compliance by providing a visible and effective deterrent.

Reported road casualties in Scotland are at their lowest levels since records began, and safety cameras play a crucial role in speed enforcement.

Safety Camera Partnerships

For more information on local safety camera partnership activity or for partnership contact details please click on the links below.


The Scottish Safety Camera Programme Handbook 2015 provides rules, guidance and processes for the Programme in Scotland.


A Review of the Scottish Safety Camera Programme has recently concluded, concerned with the delivery and outcomes of the Programme.

As part of the Review, a consultation was undertaken seeking views on the purpose, structure, and governance of safety camera partnerships.  The principle of safety camera enforcement on Scotland’s roads, as part of our Road Safety Framework, was not part of the Review.

Safety cameras are an integral element of our Road Safety Framework to 2020, and are recognised as an effective means of reducing accidents.

The consultation is now closed.

The following documents are available to download:

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Scottish Safety Camera Programme
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