Rail 2014 - Public Consultation

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Publication Date: 
Publication Summary: 
We asked rail users and stakeholders to play a part in shaping Scotland's rail services public consultation.

In 2014, both the current contract for rail passenger services (ScotRail) and the funding arrangements for Network Rail in Scotland are due to come to an end and new arrangements have to be in place. This consultation is a crucial part of our considerations.

Please note: The consultation is now closed.

There will be a number of rail station events throughout the consultation. Promotional postcards are being distributed at the station events throughout the consultation.

Fact sheets are available with more information on stations and cross-border services.

ISBN 978 1 908181 13 8 (Web publication only)


Ministerial Foreword
Executive Summary
1 - Rail in Scotland
2 - Transport policy and structural developments
3 - Procuring rail passenger services
4 - Achieving reliability, performance and service quality
5 - Scottish train services
6 - Scottish rail fares
7 - Scottish stations
8 - Cross-border services
9 - Rolling stock
10 - Passengers - comfort, security, information
11 - Caledonian Sleeper
12 - Environmental issues
The Consultation Process

Annex A - Glossary
Annex B - Useful documents and websites
Annex C - List of organisations being consulted
Annex D - Respondent Information Form and Questions

Responding to the consultation 

We gave the opportunity for anyone to respond to the consultation. Details can be found in the consultation process.

Further copies of this document are available, on request, in audio and large print formats and in community languages (Urdu; Bengali; Gaelic; Hindi; Punjabi; Cantonese; Arabic; Polish).

Language sheet


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