Forth Bridges Forum

The Forth Bridges Forum is a Transport Scotland-led management Forum, established to ensure that thorough and effective stakeholder engagement remains at the heart of the operation and maintenance of the bridges.

In addition, it provides a mechanism for the collective promotion of the Queensferry Crossing, the Forth Road Bridge (FRB) and the Forth Bridge. Forth Bridges ForumThe core members of the Forum are 1 or 2 senior officials from each of the organisations listed below.

The Forum is managed by Transport Scotland, on behalf of Scottish Ministers. The Forum currently meets quarterly.

Functions of the Forum:

  1. To establish and oversee a strategic approach to the operation and maintenance of the Forth bridges;
  2. To maintain effective engagement with local communities on issues that may affect, impact or be of interest to them;
  3. To promote the location of the bridges spanning the Firth of Forth as a unique tourist destination;
  4. To support the Forth Bridge’s application for World Heritage status; and
  5. To develop and support schemes and measures to encourage an increase in cross-Forth active and sustainable public transport.

A Forth Bridge World Heritage Site Nomination Steering Group was formed as a sub group of the Forth Bridges Forum to take forward the UNESCO World Heritage Site bid. Further information can be found at


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The Agenda items discussed at the Forth Bridges Forum normally include: Minutes of Previous Meeting and Actions, Forth Bridges Marketing: Longer Term Strategy, Forth Bridges Marketing: Current Activity, World Heritage Nomination Steering Group, and Forth Road Bridge Act Update. The agenda for each meeting should be published within one month of the meeting taking place, and minutes will be published following agreement at the subsequent meeting.